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   The factory was established in 1985 and is located in Changzhou, a famous historical city. it is 1 kilometer north from luoxi exit of Huning expressway and 1 kilometer west from Changzhou minghang airport. At the edge of the factory is the grand canal of Beijing and Hangzhou. the transportation of water, land and air is extremely convenient, and the natural conditions and geographical position are unique.
   Since the establishment of the factory, we have mainly based on the production of various trapezoidal copper bars, special-shaped copper bars and silver-copper alloy bars. By processing and production directly become the product manufacturing industry. At present, it is the only enterprise that manufactures commutator directly from production ladder, so it has relatively strong competitive advantage in the same industry. At present, our factory specializes in producing zq series commutator for small and medium-sized industrial and mining traction motors. At the same time, we also produce Z4 series DC motor commutator, semi-plastic series can be customized according to customer requirements.
   For more than 20 years, our aim is to produce high-quality products and serve our customers enthusiastically. we have won praise from customers all over the country. Fine artists who pursue Excellence are following the trend of the times and climbing the peak of the industry. no matter how the market changes, our products are always " keeping improving". we leave the realization benefits to our customers and the long-term benefits to our partners. we treasure every cooperation opportunity and push our products to every corner of the world.